Document Redesign Project

Screen Shot 2015-01-11 at 10.25.30 PM resdesign_sock_hop_flyer

TO: Madeline Sorapure

FROM: Montana MacLachlan

DATE: January 21, 2015

SUBJECT: Document Redesign Reflection Memo

The target audiences for this event are families and children, because the sock hop takes place at an elementary school. Therefore, the flyer should be visually appealing and colorful so it draws young children’s attention, and easy for them to read and gain the important information. These characteristics also make it family appropriate. The goal is to get family, students, and community members to attend a school fundraising event.

Originally, this document had a lot of problems. It was made for the web on EdHat, but lacked any color scheme, organization, and especially contrast and alignment. It used a random image off the Internet of the jukebox, which does not relate to what you see in the rest of the event advertisement. It also does not make the important details and visuals stand out. There is no continuity between the yellow background color and pattern, causing the photo to also lack alignment. Pieces are placed randomly and do not hold any weight. Finally, the text is bland, and uses the same font, color, and general size throughout the ad causing the important information to become lost.

When I began editing this document, my first idea was to create a color scheme that would be the primary theme throughout the advertisement. I chose pale yellow and blue because they contrast each other on the color wheel, and the pastel tones reminded me of the traditional 1950s women’s poodle skirts. I also wanted to include a checkerboard print, the classic pattern of a sock hop dance floor.

Rather than including a random image from Google, I wanted all of my graphics to stay consistent with the theme. Therefore, I changed my chosen graphics to all black and white silhouette images on Photoshop.

To give the advertisement balance—or proximity—the weight of imagery on the top and bottom is distributed evenly. In the top half, there are more iconic symbols from the 50s sock hop era, including vinyl records, music notes, and a couple dancing. Even though there are a number of different symbols, the fact that they were all silhouettes and were distributed evenly on the left and right side of the flyer gave it balance.

I experimented with fonts and used a total of 3 different ones. The main title and “when, where, ticket,” words are in a groovier font that also echoes the 50s era. I went with something that was easy to read but still not a typical text for the other fonts. A drop shadow was added to everything to give the document something more dynamic and easier to read. I also added a navy blue outline to the title because black was too harsh, which made the “A Tribute to Rock and Roll” line significantly easier to read.

There were no major design problems in creating this document because I started from scratch—which is why I chose not to include a visual comparison because they are completely different. I could have included some additional information from the original flyer, but thought that would make the redesigned document look overly cluttered. Another area where I encountered trouble was with the text on the bottom half. I played with fonts and different means of alignment to make it visually appealing, but settled with adding blue boxes that looked like ticket stubs behind certain information.


Writing 155: Poorly [Re]Designed Document First Draft

After the atrocity that was the previous sock-hop flyer, I took to InDesign to recreate it:


Now let me explain my thought process…

First, I wanted to create something visually appealing with an obvious and consistent theme.

Fortunately, sock-hops have a fun theme that echoes the 1950s and 60s, so there were a number of icons to include from dancers, to jukeboxes, to vinyl records. I chose three of these funky symbols and turned them into silhouettes in order to maintain one color scheme. For example, the dancers were originally in color but I changed them to all black in Photoshop.

I wanted to include the signature checkerboard floor pattern of the 1950s, but thought it was too overwhelming to have over the entire background, so I cut it to the bottom half.

The color scheme was intentional as well. I used pale blue and yellow because they oppose each other on the color wheel, while including black and white for emphasis. Muted colors felt more relaxing to look at versus harsh, bright colors, and I felt their tones represented the 50s era well.

One critique I have for myself is regarding the text. I struggled finding a way to make it stand out and look as appealing as possible. If anyone can provide any feedback, that would be extremely helpful–such as changing the color, alignment, or having separate boxes, etc. with all the text in it.


After playing around with it some more, I came up with something like this for the bottom half. I don’t know if it’s much better but any feedback would be appreciated:

Screen Shot 2015-01-14 at 11.41.40 AM

Writing 155: Poorly Designed Document Draft and Critique

For our multimedia writing class, we were asked to take a poorly designed document and critique how it is unappealing.

I found the event document below on EdHat, a Santa Barbara events website that often leads you to third-party pages with more information on any particular event. This particular post advertises a sock-hop dance at the Center Stage Theater in Santa Barbara, CA as a fundraiser for students at the Anacapa School.

Overall, this document lacks significant visual appeal. 

First, there is no contrast that draws the reader in and makes important details and visuals stand out. The ad uses seemingly random color schemes and photos. There is no continuity between the yellow background color and pattern, causing the photo to lack alignment. This is also seen with the randomly placed sock hop and jukebox photo in the corner.

The text is bland, and uses the same font, color, and general size throughout the ad causing the important information to become lost.

There is much that can be done to this document to improve it. Let’s see what ideas I have in store! Stay tuned.

Screen Shot 2015-01-11 at 10.25.30 PM

Writing 155A: Final Psuedo Selfie


In the post of my original draft, I discussed how I am constantly “overwhelmed by the paradise” we get to call home in Isla Vista. Sometimes, it even seems like a fairytale.

The “stamp-like” effect I used gave the photo a cartoon look, that was a metaphor for the fact that we live in a place that can almost seem fictional from it’s beauty.

Therefore, I included a number of icons that represent what I appreciate about Isla Vista. These icons added to the cartoon facade to portray a joyful environment where anything can happen.

Writing 155A: Selfie Draft

For my multimedia writing class, we were asked enhance an original photo of ourselves with Adobe Photoshop. My first draft is below.

This photo was taken on the beaches of Isla Vista on a Spring day with a friend’s GoPro.

I used a filter on the original photo and adjusted the levels. I liked how this filter created a “stamp-like” effect, and almost made it look like a cartoon–or something fictional. As a native of Seattle, sometimes I am overwhelmed by the paradise we live in that I cannot image it to be anything but fictional, which is what this photo represents.

To supplement that idea, I found a photo of a sun online and used the magic lasso tool to cut it out from its original background. To make the sun stand out, I added a drop shadow and satin and texture elements to make it more dynamic.

Here are the before and after photos:

montana_beach montana_beach_edited